Redemptive mINISTRY

Is there a challenge in your life you want to work through because you feel it’s hindering your faith? Our Redemptive Ministry's purpose is to help those who are struggling to believe who God says he is, and who he says they are. It's an opportunity to voice doubts, hurts, and fears, & discover what is obstructing the biblical truth of their identity.

Anna Briggs is our Director of Redemptive Ministries at Colossae Tigard. Feel free to email her to get connected with a group of people who are seeking redemption in that same area.


|Followers| Jr. High Ministry

We are all followers of something. At |Followers|, we seek to place Jesus at the top of the list of influences by taking his words seriously and following him with our whole lives. |Followers| is for students from 6th-8th grade and meets on SUNDAY MORNINGS at 10:30 AM in the Youth Room.

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RE/\LITY High School Ministry

We believe that Jesus’ teachings will affect every aspect of our lives. At REALITY, we view our world through the life and words of Jesus, allowing Him to confront our wrong perceptions while grounding us in His reality. REALITY is for students from 9th-12th grade and meets on SUNDAY NIGHTS at 7:00 PM in the Youth Room.

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Men & Women of Colossae


All men of Colossae are invited every other month to dinner for a time of good food, good drink, and good discussion as we seek to encourage each other hard after Christ. For information, please email Luke Hendrix.

The Women

The women of Colossae gather regularly for an evening of sharing hearts, authentic community, & deeper connection. Over a meal & a conversation, we desire to grow together in our faith. For more information, please email Anna Briggs.

First THursday

What is it?

We were made to do life together, yet it can be difficult to find community in one hour on Sunday mornings. To shrink the social circle and promote intentional community, we have an opportunity for individuals in their 20's and 30's to become more involved and connected here at Colossae. We call it, "First Thursday."


Grab a drink, eat some food, & join us at Hop 'N Cork at 7.00PM on the First Thursday of every month! There are no signups or requirements on your part, just come & hang out! If it's your first time, don't worry! We have a fresh new group of people each month. See you there!

Children’s Ministry

Our Goal

During our Sunday gatherings, we provide teaching, care and fun for kids. In this one hour time frame, we are aiming to do three things:

  1. We want the kids to have a blast

  2. We want the kids to be safe physically emotionally & spiritually

  3. We want the kids to hear the gospel.

The Bigger Picture

What we do on Sunday mornings is important, but we also understand that it's ultimately the parent's responsibility to disciple their own children. This can be intimidating for many parents and that's why we want to help. We do this mainly in and through the context of our communities, where parents can come alongside one another and learn from the experiences of other parents.