While we value being in community with people in different stages of life,

it is helpful to also have connection with those in a similar one as well. So on the first Thursday of every month, we have an opportunity for those "20- and 30-somethings" interested in becoming more involved and connected with the Colossae community to connect with others in a similar stage of life. We call it, "First Thursday".

What to Expect

Every first Thursday of the month, we hang out at the Lucky Labrador Public House at 7:30pm. Grab a pint (beer, cider, iced water), eat some pizza or a salad (they have fantastic food options). The goal of this time is simply to connect with others in a similar stage of life. There are no signups, requirements, or responsibilities on your part, just come hang out - seriously, that's it! And you'll be in good company if you haven't come before, we have a fresh new group of people each month. If you get there and are trying to find where to go when to get there, look for the big group of people sitting together, that's probably us. If that doesn't work, look for these friendly-looking people (Jordan & Tyler):

For more info, email Tyler Marple or Jordan Hughes